Bhubaneswar 95 Workshop held at Bhubaneswar Development Authority, 22 May 2018

CFSC Team attended the workshop organized by BvLF at Bhubaneswar Development Authority on Bhubaneswar 95, observing Bhubaneswar from the perspective of a child of 95cm height. Concepts like Parents+ and Urban 95 were discussed extensively, with a major focus on incorporating early childhood development into planning and management of cities. Various ideas were put forward by urban professionals from BvLF, Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Centre (BUKC), BDA and CFSC Team. The delibration involved discussing deifferent aspects for  creating stimulating environments for children in cities which not only provides a safe and healthy life but also ample opportunity to play. The emphasis was also laid on the importance of responsive caregivers for overall development of children, and a city responding to the needs of children as well as their caregivers.
The Team also participated in the field testing of the questionnaires prepared by BvLF in collaboration with Gehl Institute for studying Public life and Public spaces, with a focus on children.